In a way, I’m relieved to hear that Mabus has a clinical illness. The alternative would be to know that he, in a healthy state of mind, truly wished for the brutal, horrific deaths of atheists. The James Randi Education Foundation has the story:

Mabus has been referred for further treatment until his next court date on December 2.  Giroux elaborated that the diagnosis was of a bipolar disorder exacerbated by alcohol and substance abuse. The further treatment from now until December is substance abuse rehabilitation.

This diagnosis of bipolar disorder does seem consistent with the behavior we’ve observed over the history of the case.

I’m glad to hear both that he’s receiving the proper treatment for what we can clearly now understand as a medical disorder, and also that he’ll be unable threaten atheists with violence for a long time, hopefully until he’s well enough to rejoin society as a positive, productive person.