From the American Humanist Association:

Sneak Peek of New Film about Atheists: Coming Out in America

A new documentary by Tiroir A Films sheds light on one of the most misunderstood and despised groups in America: atheists.

Coming Out in America (working title) focuses on young people in different parts of the country that are taking the bold step of “coming out” as nonbelievers. The film highlights how their lives are turned upside down because of strong pushback from their schools, peers, the community at large, and in some cases their own family. This pushback ranges from rejection and isolation to physical threats.

What does that tell us about our current society?  Is there room for non-religious people to assert their legitimacy within our society?  The goal of this film is to show that goodness can exist within everyone regardless of religion or lack of religion. But moreover it shows the need to find common ground in an ever-polarizing country in order to move on and progress as a society.

For more information and a short video preview of the film, follow this link to the AHA’s story.