Hey folks, I can’t express how much I appreciate you visiting my humble effort of a blog.It means a lot. Really.

That said, I can’t feel but having let you down for not holding up my part of the bargain (ie. posting frequently) lately. I’ve been incredibly busy, with all kinds of live music events and an upcoming Japanese test on my plate.

In retrospect, my timing in launching my new blog was poor. I was so excited about the prospect of getting it off the ground that I didn’t pay the proper foresight to time constraints.

From December, I will write. And I’ll take breaks. The first week of January, and either the 3rd or 4th week as well, I’ll be out of the country, and most likely unable to post. Even so, from December, I’ll be attacking this blog with a new commitment. Two regular upcoming features: “Twitter Adventures” and “What Blew My Mind Today”.

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it.