Hi everyone, just a brief post to let you know that due to a couple of vacations I’m about to take, The Atheist Den will be on hiatus until February 2012, when I hope to really get things into full swing for the first time.

If you noticed that I’ve also been mostly inactive recently, that’s been due to a combination of different devents and distractions going on – holiday parties (including one with the Tokyo Skeptics for the winter solstice, which was a blast!), work, studying Japanese, playing some live music, and even sports, with the Denver Broncos/Tim Tebow drama as well as the resumption of the NBA, and the subsequent Denver Nuggets training camp, preseason and season opener consuming a fair chunk of my attention over the past few weeks.

I know I have promised some different people that I would expand in my blog on conversations we had going on, and I do still intend to do so, so I appreciate your patience in advance.

Hope you’ll all have a great New Year’s, and start off 2012 with all the appropriate holiday cheer.