I’ve been a terrible blogger.

Bloggers should write pretty much every day, for one thing. And should follow up on commitments to write about stuff they said they’d write about, for another.

I have sucked, and I do suck, at both. I have made verbal commitments to Laurent, GameOver and fuckphilosophy to follow up on conversations we’ve been having, and I have yet to deliver. I’ve probably teased a few people into thinking I had a promising start to a new thing that I’ve entirely failed to follow up on.

To all of you, I truly am sorry. I have yet to figure out whether I simply don’t have what it takes to be a blogger, or whether I need to readjust my blogging standards. I’m new at this, and I’ve also failed to make a serious enough commitment to really get it off the ground.

Without going into details, in the past two weeks I have spent much more of my time on trying to help out my wife (who recently was diagnosed with a fairly serious medical condition), holding up my part in two different bands, following the success of the playoffs-bound Denver Nuggets, and (alas!) only getting around to atheist blogging and tweeting as a quaternary priority.

(For the record, I didn’t know the word quaternary until I just googled what comes after tertiary).

Anyhow, I probably will never be able to make the promise of full-time devotion to my blog. It will, almost certainly, remain a haphazard, when-I-get-to-it-and-when-I-feel-like-it endeavor. And there will, without question, be times like now, when other priorities… well, take priority.

If you, despite all this, remain interested enough and patient enough to hang out and hear what I’ve got to say when I muster up the gumption to say it, then what can I say? I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful.

But I’m gonna have to work this thing out at my own pace. If you don’t mind bearing with me for the ride, then welcome aboard.