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When it comes to comparing atheists to the likes of Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung and Joseph Stalin, Bill O’Reilly  just can’t help himself, even in an interview about a children’s science book.

And when it comes to science, he apparently just can’t learn a damn thing at all:

Now the last time you were here you were honest enough to admit that you don’t know the origin, whether it was a meteor, or something like that. And you said to me, “We’re working on it”, and I said to you, “Let me know.”

Richard Dawkins responded much too politely by saying, “That was only about two years ago”, cutting himself off there instead of continuing on to the natural conclusion of that sentence. What I wish he had said:

“That was only two years ago, you imbecilic fucking creatard who can’t grasp even the simplest scientific concepts such as how the gravitational pull of the moon causes the tides. A meteor? Really? Two years? Really?!? “

Anyhow, here’s the video:

Breaking down some of O’Reilly’s utterances:

“…atheist Richard Dawkins”

How about showing the basic journalistic integrity of calling him biologist Richard Dawkins? Oh, that’s right. Because you don’t have a sliver of integrity in your tiny, angry little mind.

“He’s on a crusade to convince believers they’re idiots.”

No, idiot, he’s appealing to people’s reason based on science and rationality, in order to get them to see that some of their beliefs are unfounded, not that they as individuals are idiots.

“…you were honest enough to admit”

As if it should be assumed automatically that atheists are usually dishonest.


Colbert would be proud.

“The Judeo-Christian philosophy isn’t a myth, it’s reality.”

Even a solid majority of biblical scholars and theologians wouldn’t agree with this statement. So thank you for demonstrating that you know as little about your own religion as you do about science.


As always, Father Guido Sarducci brings his unique perspective to understanding Christianity:

…And he was so mad, he threw down the tablets and broke ’em. Then what he did was, he tried to remember ’em, make ’em up again. And Moses, you know, was old man, he was in his 90s. He was a-grumpy. He had a chip on his shoulder cause of this… the cow incident. And all he remembered was the negative ones. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Thou shalt not this, thou shalt not that.

But a lot of the commandments he forgot were more like advice. They were nice things, you know like, for instance, the 11th Commandment: Wait half hour after eating before you go swimming…

But it’s just not as funny when you read it. Go listen to the whole thing here. It’s a youtube with a blank screen.


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