Here’s Rick Perry describing his interpretation of a sudden rainstorm after a long drought in Texas (video follows below):

I took that as God’s real clear message to me, ‘This is where I want you, son. This is where I want you to be. That’s not where I want you.’ And you go through my life, and there have been so many of those events that occurred, and I don’t get confused. It wasn’t coincidence. It was god’s hand on my life guiding me in the ways he wanted me to be. And I truly believe that he has me here at a time such as this.

The arrogance of this perspective is just mind boggling. Let’s just say for a moment, for hypothetical purposes, that Perry is correct. The personal god he believes in dries up a massive swath of farmland for an extended period of time, no doubt causing all kinds of emotional and economic distress for the local farmers and towns who so heavily rely on agricultural production for their well being. For months and months that petty nepotist sits (presumably) up in the sky tormenting thousands of innocent people, depriving them of livelihoods and security. But he has a plan, you see. This is all for the divine purpose of changing Rick Perry’s tiny little mind and convincing him to stay in Texas.

If such a god did exist, I think all rational people could agree that the appropriate reaction to this story is: What a dick!

But of course, in spite of claiming otherwise, Perry actually is confused. He doesn’t exhibit even the most basic, childlike understanding of meteorology or climatology. But even worse, he not only thinks the entirely insufficient explanation of “god did it” is adequate, he goes much further and locates himself at the center of the story, claiming that god singled him out for preferential treatment at great expense to thousands of other people, and to what end?

Just to give him a message? Really? Either god really sucks at communicating his will, or Rick Perry is a conceited, self-righteous delusional with a laughably primitive (I won’t insult children by calling it childlike) view of the universe.

I’m leaning towards the latter.

Here’s the video: