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In this short but excellent video, youtuber DarkMatter2525 highlights the absurdity of the “if God revealed himself to us it would violate our free will” claim.



I’m no artist, but when I saw this tweet by David Silverman, President of American Atheists (click the link to see the picture he posted), I was inspired:

Atheists don’t Tebow, we Thinker. http://pic.twitter.com/W2yjJYgb

Needless to say, I put my immaculate MS Paint skills to work, and did up this rough, simple, but hopefully to-the-point picture. I hope you like it:

“In their songs they have a rule,

The “he” is always lower case…”

George Carlin: Religion is bullshit

One for the ages:


What would Jesus do? Punch your fat face in.


The F***ing Moon

My wife is a moon lover. This is for her, as part of kicking off this blog thing. (NSFW)


Edit: Being a new blogger, I hadn’t thought the language thing all the way through. From now on I’ll apply some self-censorship for post titles, and advise when links or media contain NSFW content.

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