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After watching the video below, if you’d like to learn more and perhaps sign a petition asking the homeopathic “pharmaceutical” company Boiron Laboratories to refund money to the customers they have been ripping off, then please proceed to the following article at the James Randi Educational Foundation, where swindled customer Carrie Poppy explains the background and context of her story:

How Boiron Scammed Me, and How You Can Fight Back [VIDEO].

The link to the petition is at the bottom of the post, and you can also find it here.



James Randi, on our lost giant:

I’ll point out that those angry, frustrated, hateful, frightened, detractors were simply wrong when they predicted that he would turn to some deity or other before he died; that would not have been the Christopher that I knew, the brave warrior who wielded his pen as a sword and thereby cut such a shining path before him. I’m certain that as he closed his eyes he was aware that he’d done an excellent job, he’d said his piece, he’d reached so many people around the world who needed to know that they were not under the command of any jealous, vengeful, insecure, capricious, cruel, god who created them and then played with them like helpless toys to satisfy divine whims.  Christopher was one of my giants…

I’ll miss him, but I’ll try to carry his message to others who’ve not yet heard it, though my words will not read as well, nor will my phrasing of them approach Christopher’s standards.

Please read his entire post here.


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